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Contact Center


Creating a live and friendly experience for the customers who are looking for any kind of assistance from our pleasant representative.

We are always ready to serve the needs and wants of our customers at any hour as are motivated to assist your online businesses to maximum extent.

With our customer-friendly representatives trained for catering to the needs of the customers, we provide the best customer support and services. With help of our contact center, we can make sure to address all queries, needs, and wants of the clients regarding the product we are dealing with. With an active 24/7 service of our contact center, we are ready to assist our client’s loyal customer at any time and date.

A great call center phone system helps run a
contact center smoothly.

Call center phone system features are what separate business phone plans and ECOMGRID solutions from landlines. They go way beyond merely dialing and receiving calls. Improve your call center productivity with automatic call distribution with ECOMGRID. This call feature helps you automatically route incoming calls to call center agents. It does so according to the routing policy you choose.

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ECOMGRID has equipped their contact center services with latest Interactive Voice Response is a technology that allows people to communicate with computers.

You can use this to help customers reach the right customer service department. IVRs help companies deliver a consistent and efficient experience for customers. Additionally, IVR features can help customers fix their issues without needing to speak to a person at all. That is why it is a crucial feature of any business phone system. Let’s say you use a smart routing policy like uniform routing. You already reduced the average wait time of concerned customers. But the wait time is not everything.

  • Plays important messages and customers to answer simple questions.
  • Sends right department based on their responses
  • Offer explanations and self-service support.
  • Help customers directly solve simple problems.
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ENot every small business needs a solution like IVR.

If you just want to lead customers to the right place, an auto-attendant will suffice. An auto attendant transfers customers to an extension number. It does this with automatic messages and dialing numbers.

  • Route calls more efficiently
  • Simple automated message
  • Offer a call-back service
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Record calls in high quality for later review. Phone sends voice data over the internet.

That means you can store the source voice without any clunky hardware. Recordings are in the cloud, and staff can access them from anywhere with the right credentials. Such abilities would allow representatives of ECOMGRID to assist any queries in best way possible and maintain the quality of the our customer representative center.

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