About Us



ECOMGRID founded in 2018, slowly but steadily built a reputation of providing high value customized e-commerce services. With the potential and innovative mindsets, we expanded our services of digital world by offering services such as social media marketing, digital media marketing, SEO/SEM services and graphic designing as well. Together we would create a journey that would generate an incomparable experience of design, development and marketing. Such qualities have allowed us to become one of the highly trained digital marketing professionals with top quality clients. Full Magento ecommerce website building, customizable and state-of-the-art front-end and back-end development, performance optimization and implementation, Magento integrations and unit developments.

Our team of highly trained web engineers applies the best methods, aligned with modern e-business techniques hence ensuring growth in your online business. Once your website is up and running we would ensure continuous support and management in whatever way possible. In the recent decade, business giants are recognized for their digital presence and ECOMGRID is the key source that would help you to achieve those digitally acceptable lengths. We’re A Dynamic Team of Ecommerce, social media and digital marketing experts. Talent goes past a qualification on paper or an eye for design. At ECOMGRID we make sure we hire the best people who truly enjoy their job. We are enthusiastic and take pride in developing and building brands with innovative P.R. and management solutions. Get digital with us in a productive and cost-effective manner. Together we will take your business to greater heights.


Increased ROI
To increase marketing ROI, you need to either increase your income or reduce your costs. With our efforts and marketing strategy we would guarantee an increase in gross domestic return.

We help modern startups to rapidly go from the ideation phase to a working MVP in order to launch a new product in the market without any heavy investment

We have the relevant experience and capabilities to enable large enterprises to implement digital transformation for specific departments in their company.

Keeping the quality intact, our fixed price models are capable of saving cost by up to 60% and have improved customer satisfaction by up to 100%

Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as a contributor to the digital economy, as a top-rated digital marketing and e-commerce agency. We want to bring value to the society and business, and establish ourselves as pioneers in digital transformation all across the world. ECOMGRID wants to be an agency that scales your business digitally around the globe. Our approach fosters a more effective and enjoyable working relationship, better client communication & transparency, and a more effective use of the project resources that ultimately allows us to add maximum value to your growing business.


No matter how big or small your problem is, we will provide you with a project team that will consist of experienced professionals who will work collaboratively with you at every step, helping you to easily identify new opportunities and quickly solve your existing business challenges.

  • We believe in collective growth.
  • Effectively communicate with their audience using our robust IT solutions and strategies.
  • Support the development of legitimate workplace for the benefit of creative people.
  • To combine aggressive strategic marketing with quality products and services at competitive prices to provide the best insurance value for consumers
  • To create the most compelling website development and maintenance services company of the 21st century.